Investment Adviser and Financial Company Cyber Solutions 2021-02-18T17:06:44-05:00

Investment Adviser and Financial Company Cyber Solutions

Investment advisers and other firms in the financial industry may have trouble keeping up with the quickly changing statutes and regulations governing data security. As regulator expectations for data security rise, it is easy to get behind on routine tasks like employee network security training, vendor due diligence, and system testing. Fairview Cyber offers comprehensive data security support because we understand the challenges firms face meeting all the requirements.

Fairview Cyber can help your firm secure sensitive data and prepare you to answer regulators’ questions about your cybersecurity program. We provide businesses the support they need by addressing four key components of data security: employee training, vendor due diligence, policies and procedures, and detailed documentation.

We will create a customized plan to take your firm to the next level of data security. We offer full-service and a la carte options to support your business. Take a look at our services below or contact us today [contact us form link] for more information.


We will evaluate your cybersecurity program and make a plan to close the gaps.

  • Draft new, or revise existing, cyber and data security policies and procedures to address administrative, technical, and physical safeguards; focus areas include:
    • Risk assessment
    • Physical security
    • Hardware/software
    • Data
    • Network security
    • Service providers
    • And more
  • Draft or revise, and assist with maintaining, data security policies and procedures that align with regulatory expectations, including policies based on NIST or CIS standards
  • Prepare and maintain and Incident Reponse Plan
  • Conduct initial and annual cyber and data security risk assessments for client network


Stay up-to-date on how other businesses are handling your and your clients’ information.

  • Assist in maintaining a well-documented vendor management program
  • Maintain an approved vendor list
  • Perform remote vendor due diligence reviews, conducted annually
  • Complete onsite vendor due diligence reviews (optional)


We help you maintain a fully documented cybersecurity program.

  • Annual production of:
    • Detailed outline of review parameters
    • Reports of phishing and penetration test results
    • Analysis of vendor due diligence
    • Documentation of risk assessments
    • Recommended updates to policies and procedures
  • Assist with conducting incident response tabletop exercise scenarios
  • Log of cyber and data security training and testing
  • Records of risk assessments and findings


Test your network for vulnerabilities and train employees to keep it safe.

  • Coordination of ongoing employee phishing training
  • Coordination of annual cybersecurity training
  • Annual Regulation S-P training


  • Conduct or coordinate external network scan
  • Provide detailed outline of review parameters
  • Record and document findings of assessments


  • Conduct or coordinate internal network scan
  • Provide detailed outline of review parameters
  • Record and document findings of assessments