March 2022 Cyber Recap

March 2022 Cyber Recap WHAT HAPPENED? Significant changes are on the horizon for cybersecurity requirements for investment advisers and other companies in critical infrastructure. March 9th, 2022: On March 9th, 2022, the SEC proposed rules and amendments surrounding cybersecurity for RIAs and public companies to enhance disclosures regarding cybersecurity risks management, strategy, [...]

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16 States Reviewing Data Privacy Regulations

16 States Reviewing Data Privacy Regulations WHAT HAPPENED? State data privacy regulations are continuously evolving to catch up with the ever-increasing risks to consumers on the web. In recent months, 16 states introduced or continued processing laws that, if passed, will protect consumer data and hold companies accountable for [...]

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Are You Taking Steps To Avoid Ransomware Attacks?

Are You Taking Steps To Avoid Ransomware Attacks? WHAT HAPPENED? Earlier this month, the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (OCIE) issued a Risk Alert which outlines best practices for maintaining a secure network; the United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency [...]

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